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the vamps concert | 25/09/2014
5sos concert | 02/06/2015 (don't know if i'm selling my tickets or not)

if i don't follow you back it may be because i didn't notice you followed me or your blog style doesn't match my preferences!! but if you really want a follow back, please just message me!!

my past urls were: ellofrp, sweetziams, cabreguis, snowyjauregui, zaynstagrm, dumbasszayn, horanstagrm, ljauregiu, donatellovato, michaelcliffcord, frankoceane and 420jaureguis (IVE BEEN HERE A WHILE)


currently (re)reading: the beach
currently (re)watching: shameless usa/uk (again lol)
currently listening to: the 1975 (like always), frank ocean, jhene aiko, mapei, n.w.a, method man, public enemy, snoop dogg, puff daddy, mary j blige, TLC, dan croll, bastille.

I FEEL OVERJOYED [listen] - a collection of songs that i adore in celebration of 500 fabulous followers

i. love is all i got - crystal fighters // ii. what you know - two door cinema club // iii. dancing anymore - is tropical // iv. attracting flies - alunageorge // v. sweet pompeii - bastille // vi. altj - breezeblocks // vii. fifth harmony - miss movin on // viii. two door cinema club - next year

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